Haystack Rock Engagement Photographer

Cannon Beach holds a special place in my heart, and I find myself drawn to its captivating beauty time and time again. As a Haystack Rock engagement photographer, I love returning to this spot. Just look at the shoots I’ve done their recently here, here, and here! Take me back!

When Savannah and Cody expressed their connection to the Oregon Coast, I knew we were in for an extraordinary engagement session. Little did I know that their love story and adventurous spirit would create an unforgettable experience by the ocean. Join me as we delve into the heartfelt moments and playful exploration of Savannah and Cody's engagement session.

A Private Proposal and Shared Stories

Prior to their session, Cody had surprised Savannah with a heartfelt proposal during their trip, keeping the precious moment between the two of them. As we embarked on their engagement session, we bonded over our mutual love for Cannon Beach and shared stories that deepened our connection. It was a joy to witness their genuine excitement and anticipation as we set out to capture their love in my favorite setting.

Hug Point's Higher Tide and Adaptability

Our first stop was Hug Point, where the tide seemed higher than usual. As a Haystack Rock engagement photographer, I try to scope out these sorts of things beforehand. But challenges are merely opportunities for creativity, and we embraced the moment. Savannah and Cody's willingness to trust my ideas and go with the flow allowed us to create magical moments against the backdrop of crashing waves and rugged cliffs. Their love and laughter illuminated the misty beach, making every shot a true reflection of their joyous connection.

Grand Finale at Haystack Rock Engagement

After a quick outfit change, we ventured towards the iconic Haystack Rock. Its majestic presence, towering against the skyline, perfectly symbolized the strength and solidity of Savannah and Cody's relationship. Amidst the golden light and gentle sea breeze, we captured their playful spirits, allowing them to fully embrace the experience. From candid laughter to intimate moments, their love shone brightly in every frame.

Embracing the Fun and Playfulness

What made this engagement session truly remarkable was Savannah and Cody's willingness to embrace the fun and playfulness. They fearlessly tried every "weird" idea I threw their way, resulting in candid and authentic shots that showcased their adventurous spirits. Their openness and enthusiasm radiated through the photographs, immortalizing their love and the memorable moments we shared.

Their engagement session at Cannon Beach was a testament to the beauty of love, connection, and the Oregon Coast. From the private proposal to their playful exploration, every aspect reflected the joy and adventure they bring to each other. Capturing their love amidst the stunning scenery of Hug Point and Haystack Rock was a true privilege. May their engagement be just the beginning of a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and endless exploration.

boy in suit and girl in dress walk through the woods
boy and girl walk on the beach holding hands, leaning away from each other
boy and girl walk on the oregon coast hand in hand
girl leads the boy towards the water on the oregon coast
two people in the distance walk along the beach at the oregon coast engagement shoot
two people in the distance walk away from cliffs on the oregon coast during haystack rock engagement photo shoot
boy and girl walk away from the ocean during haystack rock engagement photo shoot
boy helps girl walk along the rocks along the ocean during haystack rock engagement photo session
boy and girl face each other in front of cliffside
haystack rock in cannon beach
boy and girl walk hand in hand towards haystack rock in cannon beach
boy and girl run towards the ocean and haystack rock during engagement photo shoot
close on two hands holding each other
boy and girl run away from the ocean and haystack rock holding hands
during sunset, boy and girl hold hands and walk in the ocean towards haystack rock

If you're looking to capture your own love story in a breathtaking location, let's connect and create magical moments together. Contact me today to embark on your own extraordinary engagement session.

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