Seattle Elopement & Wedding Photographer

I'm here to help! Below you'll read the answers to a lot of the questions I get asked. Still have questions? Not a problem. Hit the contact button and we'll get you taken care of.


• What is the booking process like?

It's easy peasy! A paid non-refundable retainer and a signed contract are required to secure your date on my calendar.

I chat with you either via email, phone, FaceTime, or in person. (Your choice!) I get to know your top priorities and find out how I can best serve you on your wedding day.

Once we've talked about the main details and are ready to book, I will send the contract and invoice to you via email and you can handle it all online. No need to print, scan, fax, whatev's. The invoice will have a breakdown of when additional payments are due toward your final balance.

Questions are always welcomed. I'm here to keep it simple.

• How much do you charge?

Lifestyle and engagement sessions start at $450.

Every wedding day is unique, and not all packages are built the same. I build custom packages for couples based on their needs, leaving out the things they don't.

Typically, my elopement rate starts at $1,250 and larger wedding days start at $2,500. Video and engagement sessions can be added on, if desired.

Once we start chatting and I have a good understanding of what you need, I'll send you a few custom package choices.

• Do you offer discounts?

Fam, I get it. Everyone has a budget.

At the end of the day, I'm here to support you and document your love story to the best of my ability. If my pricing isn't quite within your budget, let's chat, and I can see what I can do.

I also offer associate photographer packages, that are discounted from my regular rates. Check out my "investment" page for more details!

Side note: I hold special promotions/model calls on my IG & FB accounts.

• How far in advanced do I need to book you?

I book weddings and elopements up to 2 years in advanced. I only allow couples to officially book after they've already booked their wedding venue (since that ultimately determines your date).

I have had couples ask me about my available dates so they could make sure they chose a date with their venue that I had available on my calendar.

• How much is it to have you travel for my wedding day?

This can vary. Once I know where your wedding will take place and when, as well as your top priorities and how much coverage you'll need for your day, I can provide you a specific quote that has all the travel costs included.

• Do I need to book your travel arrangements?

Nope. I handle all of this on my end so you don't have to even think about it. Flights, rental car, a place to stay, food, etc. I've got it handled so you can check one more thing off your list.

• Do you live in California or Washington?

My husband and I relocated to Seattle, WA in May of 2019. Prior to that, we were in Southern California where we met and started our lives together. We travel back to Orange County every 2 months, but technically we live in the PNW and we're loving it.

• What is an associate photographer?

An associate photographer is a professional photographer who will come to document your love story on my behalf. I personally vet them before they join the team. They are there to represent my brand, and to provide the TMinspired experience for you. All of your photos will match what you've seen in my portfolio.

I currently have four photographers who are helping me serve couples in the PNW, Northern California, and Southern California.

If you're interested in an associate photographer package, reach out and I can share all the details!


• We're so awkward! What if we don't know how to pose?

Awkward is my specialty. I have a documentary style and capture moments as they happen in front of me. I give guidance with posing, so they will look/feel more natural to YOU, which ends up being a way better photo anyway. I strive to make sure you look at your gallery and say, "This is so US!"

Not one person in my portfolio/blog/social media is a professional model. 70% of my couples tell me they're awkward in front of the camera. By browsing through my work, could you tell? I've got you.

• Do you need a list of photos I want?

Nope! There are a bunch of "200+ must-have photos on your wedding day" lists out there, but most of it is just common sense. I have photographed over 100 weddings and I have a set list in my head (Like muscle memory) that I make sure I get for every wedding day. If I'm focused on a check list, it will take away from your day as it naturally unfolds and I might miss genuine and spontaneous moments because I was busy making sure I covered the list.

The only things I will take note of are key details that are extra-special, like a charm on your bouquet, if you want a first look with your dad, if you're doing a surprise for your guests during your first dance, etc. These are things I can be mindful about and carve into my custom timeline for your day so I can be ready as they happen.

• How many hours of coverage do I need?

I always help my couples figure this out. Once I know their top priorities and the overall vibe of their wedding day, I can estimate the amount of coverage they'll want/need.

For example, elopements can range from a quick 2 hour timeframe or can be a big, full day of adventure and celebration just like any other wedding day.

An average amount is 8 hours of coverage, which will typically allow us to get the final touches of getting ready, the ceremony, formal portraits, details, and the main events of the reception. Your DJ can help team up with us to make sure all the main events happens while I'm still there so you get it covered. After about 15 minutes of open dancing is when my coverage time ends.

You may need less coverage time if you don't care much about the getting ready photos, if you don't need documentation after dinner begins, or if you're having an intimate wedding with less than 20 guests.

You may need more time if we're needing to go to multiple locations throughout the day, if you want more coverage for getting ready, if you want extra time for romantic sunset portraits, or if you want me to stay for your grand exit.

• How do you handle family photos?

I have a family shot list template that I send each couple a few months prior to their wedding day. I encourage them to sit down and talk about what variations of photos they want with their family members. This list is typically just for immediate family (grandparents, parents, and siblings). If they would like to add on extended family and large groups, they can add it to this list as well. I encourage to have their parents sign off on the list too so everyone is in agreement.

From there, we discuss when the photos will take place (prior or after the ceremony, possibly large groups during reception, etc) and I take note of it on our timeline and organize the list to flow as seamlessly as possible.

Then, we choose someone to be in charge of helping gather the family members (typically an extroverted bridesmaid), or I call out the names myself. We run through the entire list quickly and seamlessly, and you don't have to worry about who we might have missed because we planned it ahead of time. Less stress for you!

• What if I don't have all the details yet?

Ah, don't stress, friend. All you need is a venue booked and then we can get me booked, too. Check it off your list and move on for a bit.

Don't know how many hours of coverage you need? Don't think we need to have it all planned out RIGHT NOW. We can book a low amount of coverage and add on more time when the date gets closer.

I'll always ask you for what I need and I'm ALWAYS here to help you throughout the process.


• How long until we get our photo gallery?

For engagement sessions, 2-4 weeks. For elopements and weddings, 6-8 weeks. Either way, you get a sneak peek within 48 hours.

• How many photos will be in my gallery?

Hour long engagement sessions will receive approximately 60 photos. An average 8 hour wedding day will receive approximately 800 photos. Every session and wedding day is different so I can can give you a rage but not a very precise answer.

• Do we have to pay extra to download digital photos?

NOPE. High-resolution digital photos in your online gallery are for you to download and enjoy forever. You also have personal printing rights.

• Do you offer prints and albums?

You can place an order directly through your gallery and my professional lab will send you the high-quality prints, cards and albums, directly to your door.

P.S. Your momma + anyone with your gallery link can do it, too! No more hassle downloading and sending specific candid and formal photos to each individual guest.

There is something so astounding in holding a tangible print in your hands of a breathtaking moment, a framed portrait to display in your home, or an album that tells the story of your love.

• Will I get the RAW files too?

I believe that the magic comes from the full creative process of shooting, sorting, editing, and delivering your gallery of photos. No one wants an unbaked cake. I always deliver all of my favorites, and never leave out photos unintentionally, but if you feel like I'm missing a key moment, just ask and I'll take a look for you. If I have it, it's yours!

• Can you photoshop us?

If there is a temporary blemish like a pimple or a bruise, of course I'll take that out. But I don't use photoshop to alter bodies. I'm a huge advocate for the natural beauty we all hold. If you are specifically self-conscious about something, please let me know prior to the shoot/wedding so I can be aware and pose you with that in mind.

• How do you decide on what is black and white?

Black and white photos actually bring the viewers eye directly to the face of the subject in the photo. It can also draw out more emotion. If lighting or colors are distracting from the moment, I will choose black and white to help make that memory more powerful and stand out in its own.

• Can I see a full wedding gallery?

YES. I actually prefer you to take a look at a few before deciding to book me for your most precious day. I can only show so much in my portfolio and on blog posts.


• How long have you been photographing weddings?

I picked up a camera when I was a teenager and had my first experience photographing a wedding as a second shooter when I was 18. A couple of years later in 2012, I was photographing weddings as a primary photographer. In 2017, I officially went full time.

• What equipment do you shoot with?

I have two Canon 5D Mark iii's and I use a variety of prime lenses.

• Is a second photographer necessary?

A second shooter is valuable so I can essentially be in two places at once. It's specifically helpful if you and your fiancé are getting ready in separate locations, if you would like two perspectives as you walk down the aisle, or if I need someone to capture details at the same time we need to take your sunset portraits.

A second shooter isn't necessary for every wedding. I solo shoot weddings QUITE often, especially for photo/video packages with my husband. When I'm structuring a custom package for your day, we can take all of this into account and discuss the needs and priorities of your day, and I'll recommend if I think a second shooter will add value.

• Do you prefer elopements or big weddings?

This is a tough question, actually, because I really love both. They're so unique in their own way. Both are celebration of love shared between two people who are promising each other forever.

Whether that couple desires to do it in a quiet space with just the two of them? I'm here for it. If they want to get married surrounded by just their immediate family? I'm cool with that too. If they want a huge wedding with 200+ guests? I'll have just as much fun!

Celebrate in the way that reflects YOU and makes your heart sing. I'm your girl either way.