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Associate photographers are professional photographers who can photograph weddings on dates where I am already booked. It is also a way that I can provide services to couples who need a discounted package rate, or would like to save on travel costs.

TMinspired Photography is owned and operated by me, Taylor. When you send an email or contact my Instagram, you’ll hear from my personally. All communication and planning is handled through me. All editing is handled by me, too.

The year 2020 required weddings to pivot and reimagine what future wedding seasons will look like. I decided it was finally time to add a few photographer’s onto my team, and thank goodness I did! The years 2022-2023 are going to be so full of beautiful celebrations. Having associate photographers already vetted and on my team is the best way for me to accommodate more couples on my calendar!

An associate photographer is basically magic.

It's like HAVING me BE in two places at once!

Believe me when I say, I’m extremely picky when it comes to trusting someone else with my brand. Couples who hire me are trusting me with the task of documenting their most precious memories. This trust is not taken lightly.

All of the photographers that work for TMinspired Photography represent this same brand and shoot with my same style and vibe. This program is a way for me to take on more dates, locations, and ultimately serve more couples with the TMinspired experience.

If you book an associate photography package for your 2022 or 2023 wedding date, you’ll receive $500 off the package of your choice!

* Contact me to find out the details and to check availability. $500 discount applies towards packages with 6+ hours of coverage. Elopement packages will receive a $250 discount. Must book your wedding date prior to 4/1/22 for discount to apply. Previously booked weddings don’t qualify for the discount.




Based in the PNW (Seattle)

When Ashley isn't behind the camera, you can find her either on the trails with her husband and wonder dog or haunting a local bookshop. Ashely will be the first to admit that she spends WAYYY too much time on Tiktok for someone who is 30, but she likes to think that it keeps her “hip with the kids”. If you like Star Wars, books, dogs, or Diet Coke, it's safe to say that you will probably be instant friends.

Based in the PNW (Seattle)

Emma loves to capture real connection while creating a fun environment, allowing couples to feel like themselves. Trained with a photojournalistic eye, Emma loves to document weddings in a genuine way. She loves to find the uniqueness each couple hold and photographs their love story with warmth and sentiment. Emma is a sucker for a good story, and thinks the best nights are when you are surrounded by your closest friends, sharing a bottle of wine and reminiscing over old memories.





Based in the PNW (Seattle)

Marla grew up with a camera in her hands, but found her passion for weddings after graduating college. She loves taking a documentary-like approach throughout most of your wedding day, giving you space for moments to happen naturally. Marla loves to travel and has been to 30 countries. In her free time, you can find her re-reading Twilight (she reads the series every year), enjoying cuddles with her cat, movie nights with her partner, and dreaming about her next adventure.

Based in the PNW (Seattle)

Julia has been photographing weddings since 2010, and over the past decade has been honored to witness love stories of all shapes and sizes come together in front of her camera. She believes that no two journeys to “we do” look the same, and the diversity of her couples is part of what Julia loves about this job most of all. As an enneagram 3 and INFJ, storytelling is what drew her to weddings, and having the chance to serve couples by creating an inclusive space for people of all backgrounds within the industry is what has kept her here. She is based in Seattle where she lives with her husband and their four legged crew, and has a newfound passion for houseplants.





Based in the PNW (Portland)

Mary would first describe herself as a homestead with her family. Secondly, she is a laid-back, joyful wedding photographer. Her heart adores unique weddings with kind, creative people. Llamas as ring bearers? Please. Bring your motorcycles? Hell yeah. Eloping in your grandparent’s backyard? Stop it- yes please! With over a decade of experience and weddings shot all over the world, she knows how to work with couples to make sure their truest selves are caught on camera AND they enjoy the process. Mary and her husband get tattoos for every wedding anniversary.

Based in the PNW (Portland)

Leah grew up in the mountains, forests, and valleys of the Western United States, and her work is heavily inspired by the landscapes of her childhood. Her favorite waterfall is Wahclella in the Columbia Gorge and her favorite dinosaur is the Pachycephalosaurus. Leah is a documentary-style photographer meaning that, like a proper introvert, she sits back and lets your day unfold (and steps in with guidance when needed!). She feels that the in-between moments – when you are lost in each other and forget the camera is there – make for the most authentic images.





Based in Southern California

Hannah has a heart for travel and to explore new places, cultures, and food. Her wedding photography journey began back in 2009. As each year passes, she has come to appreciate more and more the importance of capturing weddings day exactly as the couple would want to remember it. The details that make this day so personal, the family there to support your love, the hugs, tears, laughs, and of course, you and your best friend. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and it deserves to be beautifully documented and cherished for decades to come. Many have referred to Hannah as an “Old soul.” Old films, music and photographs are some of her absolute favorite things to indulge in.

Based in Southern California

Photography is Amanda's creative dream come true. You may hear her yell “YAAASS!” more than once throughout your portrait session, and she's a big fan of punny jokes. Around high school, Amanda found out for herself how important memories were. Not just the ones she was creating currently but the ones that she couldn’t get back. She realized that captured moments carry such a significance for her that she wanted other people to feel that way about their memories, too. Amanda believes that the unexpected moments can really make wedding photo galleries really special. Her all time favorite movies are Midnight in Paris and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.



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Frequently asked questions

• What is an associate photographer?

An associate photographer is a professional photographer who will come to document your love story on my behalf. They have experience photographing weddings, are insured, and shoot with very similar gear to me. I personally vet them before they join the team. They are there to represent my brand, and to provide the TMinspired experience for you.

• How does it work?

I still do all the communication and planning with you! You are paired with your associate photographer approximately 6 months to a year out from your day (possibly while booking, too!) You will have the chance to set up a phone call between you and the associate photographer for you to build your own rapport with them. The associate photographer will be there to document your elopement or wedding day on my behalf, send the photos to me, and I will edit and deliver them directly to you!

• What if we want an engagement session?

If we’re doing an engagement session as a part of your wedding package, I will still be your photographer for that. If you would prefer to work with the associate photographer to build up that confidence of working with them on your wedding day, we can absolutely make that happen as well.

• Are associate packages discounted?

Yes! Because I am not physically there with you on your wedding day, my associate photographer packages are discounted for you. :) If your wedding is taking place when I’m in a different state and one of my associates is closer to you than I am, you’ll also save on any travel costs.

• Will my photos look like your portfolio and Instagram?

YES. The associate photographer chosen for your day will shoot with my similar posing style and vibe. They will then send me the photos and I will sort through and edit them in my style, just as I would for every wedding! It will feel like I was right there with you!

• Do you have sample galleries?

It’s important to me that you feel comfortable and reassured that your photos will look like the ones in my portfolio! Look at the bio’s above for links to sample galleries. Since this program is still a bit new, sample galleries for still pending for some photographers.

Have more questions? I’m here for it. 

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