Oregon Coast Engagement Photos

You know my heart skips a beat for Oregon coast engagement photos! There is something so romantic and whimsical about the ocean. And especially the Oregon and Washington coast with the contrast of the dark green trees. We took Kaleigh and Kathryn’s photos at Oswald West State Park, which is just a short hike to the beach itself.

I get asked all the time about epic locations that don’t take a lot of work to get to. Trust me, I understand the value in a short hike or pull off with an awesome view. Whether it’s because you want something accessible or because you don’t want to sweat your makeup off, I will help you find the perfect location that fits your needs.

Planning your Engagement Outfit

Kaleigh and Kathryn decided on a black color scheme for their engagement outfits to keep the photos feeling sleek and timeless. You can’t go wrong in black! I loved the contrast of Kaleigh’s black dress against the blue of the ocean. If you’re having issues picking your engagement outfits, never fear! I’ve got a whole blog post that covers that.

Oregon Coast Engagement Photos with a Beach to Ourselves

It’s easy to run the risk of a crowded beach, but we lucked out with grey skies so we had the place mostly to ourselves. Contrary to popular belief, overcast weather isn’t bad for a photo shoot. It creates a softer more diffused light which is better for even skin tones. So don’t worry if we run into grey on your wedding day or engagement shoot. Not to mention, it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day!

Thankfully, this isn’t the last time I get to see Kaleigh and Kathryn! I’m heading out to shoot their engagement party in Dallas, Texas. Then Nathan and I get to shoot their wedding in Las Vegas this fall! It’s going to be such a vibe, and I’m so excited!

drone shot of oregon coast
woman in black dress holds hands with woman in black suit in front of ocean
oregon coast engagement session
two hands reach for each other
two women in black run down beach during oregon coast engagement photos
two women in black stare at each other during oregon coast engagement photo shoot
two women in black walk down beach holding hands during engagement session on oregon coast
two women in black stand against cliffside during engagement photos on oregon coast
tree line with fog

If you'd like your own romantic Oregon coast engagement photos, reach out to me!

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