Mount Rainier Engagement Photos

girl in red dress holds hands and walks into trees at mount rainier

I love shooting engagement photos at Mount Rainier. It is one of those places that instantly fills you with awe. How do we get to live in such a stunning place? How is this basically in my backyard?! And if you’re wanting Mountain Rainier engagements photos, you came to the right place.

We went to Tipsoo Lake which gives a good view and has so much greenery and offers cool road shots. One of the aspects of shooting in the park, and why it’s important to have an experienced photographer for your Mount Rainier engagement photos is that you don’t want to damage the land. We make sure to stay on designated paths and still get stunning photos. No trampling of wild flowers, but finding ways to still get them in your photos.

There are so many stunning places around Mount Rainier for portraits or for your elopement!

What do I wear to my engagement shoot?

One of the biggest questions that comes up when planning engagement shoots is: what do I wear to an engagement shoot? Don’t stress, I’ve built this guide to walk you through exactly how to plan for it. Lily wore a red dress for part of her shoot with Michael and it contrasted so perfectly with the green backdrop. I love when an outfit and the scenery complement each other.

Of course, we’ll do a couple of outfits to get you variety, so having options is great. And if you’re still unsure, I’m an available resource and I’ll tell you what I think is best!

Check out my favorite spots around Mount Rainier via this guide.

Getting creative with your Mountain Rainier engagement photos

It’s fun at engagement shoots to create unique photos with different techniques. Using different lens but also different accessories. If you notice in some of their photos that they have a hazy, vintage look, it’s because I used a filter on my lens to make it that way! I love that it gives a soft, whimsical and magical look.

mount rainier national park
girl and boy climb path at mount rainier for engagement photos
girl and boy hold hands at smile at each other at mount rainier engagement photos
boy and girl walk down path with green fields beside them during mount rainier engagement photos
close up on hands intertwined with brown path behind them
boy and girl kiss with tipsoo lake in background during mount rainier engagement photos
boy and girl run towards camera with yellow lines between them and green mountains in distance
mount rainier engagement photos
girl in red dress holds hands and walks into trees at mount rainier
mount rainier engagement photos
boy and girl kiss with girl's hand on boys chest showing off diamond engagement ring
mount rainier engagement photos

If you just got engaged and want Mount Rainier, Tipsoo Lake engagement photos, reach out to me!

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