What to Wear for My Engagement Session Outfit Guide

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What to wear for my engagement session

This what to wear for my engagement session guide has EVERYTHING you need to know about what style choices you should make for your engagement session. Lots of couples have trouble figuring out what to wear for their engagement session, but after reading this guide, you’ll have the confidence to choose the perfect outfits. I always like for my couples to keep in mind they’ll likely be displaying their engagement session photos on Save the Dates, at their wedding, and in their home for years to come. 

Engagement photos are not the time to try something new

You should feel and dress as authentically you when we shoot your engagement photos. Have you ever tried to put on lashes or liquid eyeliner before an important event and failed miserably? Well, now is not the time to try again. If this is something you really do want, I recommend practicing in advance or even better, hiring a professional! There’s no need to add that extra pressure on yourself. Pro tip: reach out to your hair and makeup artist you’re working with for your wedding day to see if they can schedule your trial look the day of your session! When you feel like you, you’ll feel your very best (and comfortable) in your outfit of choice. 

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Don’t forget your nails

Have you been looking for an excuse to get your nails done? Here it is! Take yourself to the salon and pamper yourself. Your nails will be looking great for your photos and you’ll feel a bit more confident. I’d call that a win-win situation. 

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Wear what makes you feel like you

It’s so important to show up authentically. I always want my couples to truly feel like themselves. So feel what makes you feel comfortable-if that means jeans and a t-shirt…do that! It will definitely show in your photos if you are feeling uncomfortable in your outfit. I promise you, you’ll feel the best and most confident as your true selves. 

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What to wear for my engagement session? Choosing what to wear can be a collaboration between you and your photographer

That’s right, communication is key! You absolutely have support from me to guide you every step of the way. I love to talk about outfits with my couples, so together we can come up with outfit ideas that suit you, and fit the vision/vibe you want for your engagement session. Never hesitate to ask for outfit help!

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You’ll have time for an outfit change

Most engagement sessions run about an hour long, allowing time for an outfit change. This way, you can get multiple looks from your session. I recommend we start with your casual look first, and then change into something more formal. I like to give you lots of variety! This will also give you options, if you are planning to use these photos for your save the dates. 

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Let’s talk casual outfits

Are you a casual outfit kind of couple? “So, what counts as a casual outfit?” Casual outfits can include shorts (yess shorts!), jeans, short sleeve button-ups, t-shirts (big logos are a no-no though), hats, skirts, and summer dresses! I personally love a good layered look and having choices when it comes to colors. Now is the time to showcase your personal style, so choose something that really captures what makes you, YOU. 

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What about formal outfits?

Do you want to give off more formal vibes? Here’s what formal outfits would include: dark wash jeans or slacks paired with a nice blouse or button-up shirt (keep in mind we can always roll up the sleeves for a more casual look). I’m a huge sucker for a good maxi dress, because it’ll give some movement, which can produce some majorly fun pictures! When it comes to formal outfits, think “cute date night vibes”. We don’t have to be ultra glam in a ballgown and tux (unless you want to)! You can always check out Amazon or Target for some quick, cute ideas.

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What to wear for my engagement session


Pro tip #1: Bring an extra pair of shoes just in case we will be hiking or have to do some walking during your session. We definitely don’t want you walking around in uncomfortable shoes. 

Pro tip #2: When in doubt, shoot me a text! Don’t be shy, I’m here to help you. Feel free to send me some outfit options you are deciding between, I’d love to help you choose. Remember, this is a collaborative effort! 

Important things to avoid

I’m a big fan of prints! They can show off your personality in a way that solids can’t, but it’s a good idea to avoid pinstripes or any similar tiny prints. This can make your photos look distorted. You’ll also want to avoid any outfits that will make you blend into your background. For example: it’s not a great ideal to wear a deep green when we’re planning to shoot in the forest. A great alternative would be to choose outfits that are complimentary colors to your backdrop- colors like red or yellow can help you stand out, rather than blend in (and you definitely don’t want to blend in when we’re shooting your engagement photos)! 

Never Google "What to wear for my engagement session" again

I hope you’ll come away from reading this guide with the confidence to choose the perfect outfits for you engagement shoot. If not though, feel free to reach out to me and ask me questions. As my client, you’ll receive personalized support all throughout the process. If you need some inspo, you can check out this blog! And if you're ready to book your session, fill out my contact form and we'll get you in the books!

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