Seattle Engagement Photos in Ballard

As much as oceanside photo shoots make my heart sing, there is a magic about the city. Seattle engagement photos in Ballard are especially fun because of how cute the area is. A thrum of energy, light bounces off the buildings, so many hidden nooks and crannies to stop and shoot in. I met Becca and Sam down in Ballard for their city engagement session. We spent a leisurely walk chatting with each other about all the plans for their upcoming wedding day.

I like to take advantage at the beginning of shoots to get to know you a little bit better, hear your plans. It helps us both relax. I’ve been doing this a long time and still feel nervous energy going into shoots so us getting to know each other is a great start. So, you’re not the only one that comes to a photo shoot feeling that way! We’ll get comfortable together.

Keep your plans loose for downtown city engagement sessions

You never know what to expect when it comes to shooting in the city. Sometimes, roads are closed last minute, bars you planned to shoot by are loud and busy, or other general chaos intervenes that cities bring. The name of the game is adaptability. Even when doing Seattle engagement photos in Ballard, where I've shot before, you can't predict what you'll run into.

I like to follow where the sunlight is going, and find all those secret-feeling areas to capture romantic moments. With Sam and Becca, we ended up at Hazlewood bar--one of their date night spots--and had a glass of champagne before continuing on. It's fun to include personal locations in your engagement session to make it feel that much more special.

The perk of Seattle engagement photos

What I love about Seattle is that water is never far away, and even if you don’t get to be on it, you can usually catch a glimpse. Since we did their engagement shoot in Ballard, we ended up at the docks at sunset. Which gave us that lovely sun flare backlight. Love a good sun flare! It adds to the romance of the shoot and creates soft light.

boy and girl stand in front of bell tower during city engagement session
boy and girl high five in alleyway
boy and girl kiss in front of building during ballard engagement shoot
boy and girl sit at a bistro table and cheers champagne during engagement shoot
boy and girl almost kiss while holding champagne glasses
boy holds girl from behind while sun flares around them during city engagement shoot
boy and girl sit on bar stools in bar during engagement shoot
boy and girl kiss on the edge of a dock during seattle engagement shoot

Do you want your own Seattle engagement shoot in Ballard? Reach out to me and let's make it happen!

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