Unique Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

If you’ve landed on this blog, I think I already know why you’re here — you’re gearing up for your engagement photoshoot to celebrate a new chapter in your life with your partner, and you’re hoping that your photos won’t come out looking like a cliche! If your previous experience with a professional photographer includes awkward posing, head tilts, and *that* prom photo stance, put your worries aside! I (and my team of talented associates) have no desire to make you feel like this during your shoot! We want you to feel the romance, the magic, and the joy of taking the time to document your life. So, read on for 4 unique engagement photoshoot ideas to make your own, and help you feel comfortable during the process. 

#1: Plan Your Shoot Right at Home

Maybe you feel like you should go out somewhere to take your engagement photos. A fun outdoor session in nature, or a bright and clean studio setting. But there’s lots of reasons to have your photographer come straight to you rather than meeting them somewhere else. 

First and foremost, comfort, comfort, comfort. If you are A) a homebody who prefers quality time at home or in your familiar spaces rather than going out, or B) feeling especially nervous or uncomfortable about having a camera pointed at you, an in-home engagement session is the ideal solution. Your home is the place where you are the most unmasked — there will be no truer representation of your self and of your relationship with your partner than to see it reflected in the space you’ve built together. And it’s easier to have your picture taken when you’re at home in your surroundings. Literally!

Additionally, there is a special kind of beauty and love in being able to document more than just you and your partner. incorporating your surroundings more into your unique engagement photoshoot will make things feel extra special! Maybe you or your partner play an instrument, and it will be easy to pull it out and jam a little mid-session. Maybe you both have a favorite wine that you can pull out and sit at the table sipping while you get your picture taken. All of these things are essential parts of your daily life, and it’s not just the new adventures you’re celebrating with an engagement session — it’s the promise of regular little moments, forever. 

#2: Drive In Engagement Session

Another fairly common misunderstanding about having your engagement pictures taken is that they need to look dressed up or fancy. This can be extra daunting if you’re really not the type to get fancy! Let me assure you that there is absolutely no need to wear your “Sunday best” during your shoot. 

And you can take it a step further! In this example of Jenn and Dave’s session, they went for all the funk and fun, rather than something formal. They picked out the cutest little local drive in and had a blast eating burgers and sipping on milkshakes while I took their photos! 

And, notice how they still incorporated personal details! Both are avid roller skaters, so we made that part of the session to keep things fun and to make it meaningful. They jazzed it up even further by renting a vintage car. (You can browse their full session here.)

#3. An Engagement Session with Your Pets

Who says your unique engagement photoshoot has to be exclusively you and your partner?! I know that my own pup is a huge, huge part of my husband and I’s life together, as all our animals have been! If you have a dog too (or a cat, or anything else!), your session can be so much fun when you bring them along. 

We can schedule your engagement session along your favorite walking route with your dog, or at the park they love most. Incorporating these members of your family is a no-brainer. They’re part of the journey you’ve been on together, and they’ll be there for the next chapters, too! 

If you do decide to bring along your dog, I recommend taking them out prior to the shoot. Give them a chance to burn a little energy off, so they’re not too unruly during the shoot! This is also an opportunity to give them a bath or a thorough groom, so that all of you will look amazing in your pictures!

#4: Lean in to the Season

On some level, it’s a smart idea to try and make your engagement photos look timeless. For example, I encourage outfits that stay away from strictly trendy styles. In a few years, you may look back on your photos and just feel cringey because of how dated they look! 

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with going all out with the season you do your session! A truly unique engagement photoshoot is the one that you have fun doing, and incorporating the life around you can be a blast. 

If it’s close to the holidays, plan your shoot at a tree farm and wear extra cozy winter outfits. In the fall, you could throw a couple pumpkins in, or even do the ghost photoshoot trend for a couple shots! In the summer, you can get playful in your swimwear in a lake, river, or city pool. Springtime can include fields of flowers, pastel colors, or even something fun like a carousel ride. 

The possibilities are literally endless for a unique engagement photoshoot. I hope that you can use these four ideas as a jumping off point for your own creative, personal twist on your session! If you’d like to chat about some more ideas you may have, I can’t wait to hear from you! Reach out to me here.

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