Portland Rose Garden Proposal

It can be daunting planning a proposal. From deciding where to when, who should be there, and do you need to plan anything for after. When I get proposal inquiries, I know that part of what I can offer is the reassurance that they’ve got a good plan in place, and I can held solidify everything. Like, helping to plan this Portland Rose Garden proposal!

Some proposers know exactly where they want to do it, but need help in getting timing right. Or, some know time and place, but want me to be in hiding so their significant other doesn’t get suspicious. However, there are so many options, and the truth is, your person is going to be happy with the effort you put in to make it perfect!

Portland Rose Garden Proposal Location

The Portland Rose Garden, with its vibrant blooms and scenic beauty, holds a special place in the hearts of many locals and visitors alike so I knew it would be a great place. Growing up in the Portland area, the rose garden held a special significance for me and I suggested it to Clayton immediately!

Its allure and natural charm made it a favorite spot for exploration and quiet reflection. So, when Clayton reached out to set up a covert photoshoot that would mask his proposal to Nicole while visiting from Kansas, it was an exciting opportunity to intertwine personal history with their beautiful love story.

Choosing the Perfect Spot for the Proposal

After careful consideration, Clayton decided that the rose garden would be the ideal location for the proposal. Its blooming roses and enchanting atmosphere provided a romantic backdrop for this significant moment. While we also considered the Japanese Garden across the street, professional sessions were not permitted there. However, the rose garden, with its open access and free exploration, offered the perfect alternative.

Surprise Proposal

To maintain the surprise, Clayton and I played it off as a regular couple's photo session. I posed as a local travel photographer, providing an excellent cover for the true purpose of their visit. This allowed me to guide Clayton and Nicole to a more secluded area of the garden, ensuring a private and intimate setting for the proposal.

As you’ll see in the images, Nicole was totally surprised! Overwhelmed with joy and emotion, tears of happiness streamed down her face. The genuine surprise and immediate emotional response created an authentic and heartfelt moment that gave the occasion such a cherished feeling.

The Portland Rose Garden served as the picturesque backdrop for Clayton's heartfelt proposal to Nicole. This enchanting location, with its blooming roses and scenic beauty, provided the perfect ambiance for a love-filled moment to unfold. The surprise, tears of joy, and undeniable love shared between Clayton and Nicole made this proposal a truly memorable experience.

If a Portland Rose Garden proposal isn’t for you, there are plenty of other great options! I love Wahchella Falls or Haystack Rock as other great places to propose. And don’t forget, have me tag along for the ride!

boy and girl walk through rose garden
boy gets down on one knee amongst the roses during proposal
boy kneels in front of girl during proposal at rose garden
girl holds hands to chest and looks up at boy
girl shows off ring to older man
girl stand with family and shows off ring
boy and girl cuddle on a bench at rose garden
boy and girl kiss while she puts her hand on his chest adorned with diamond engagement ring
boy and girl walk together during portland rose garden proposal
boy hugs girl from behind during Portland rose garden proposal
hands holding in front of roses

If you're planning a proposal and need help, reach out to me and we'll start planning!

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