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bride and groom stand in front of a large grass field and trees

When I moved up to Washington from California, a piece of my heart stayed behind. A piece of my heart and a piece of my business. I knew I needed to have an associate photography program in California because being a Long Beach wedding photographer meant I needed to be ready when the California wedding community called! I’m so glad my associate Amanda’s mom thought of us when it came to her wedding that started at St. Cyprian Catholic Church and ended at Maggiano's Little Italy in Costa Mesa! We did their portraits at the beautiful Noguchi Garden in Costa Mesa, worth checking out if you've never been!

Review for Long Beach Wedding Photographer

I don’t usually start posts this way, but I feel like expressing Janet’s words about our service speaks volumes.

From Janet: When people say it was "the best day ever," what they are really saying is this day will forever be remembered for the beautiful moments captured. Well that is exactly what TMinspired Photography created for us! It wasn't just about the posed moments, in fact I don't even think we ever felt like we were posing but more like just living in the moment as they worked their magic, telling our story, one frame at a time. Honestly there aren't enough words to say how wonderful this experience was for us and our family. They captured our love and joy thru a lens but could see it in their eyes how much they loved it, just as much as we did. I am a true believer that if you "love what you do, its not a job, but a gift" and that is what Taylor and Nathan truly are - a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to have them - the dynamic duo.

My Hope for All Clients

Everything she felt and experienced is what I seek to give my clients. Whether I’m their Seattle wedding photographer or Long Beach wedding photographer. I want my clients to feel like I captured all the beautiful moments seamlessly and in line with their wedding day. I want the images to feel like a gift!

As I continue to bounce between all the states as a traveling and West Coast wedding photographer, my hope is to keep finding people that want what Janet got: a magical experience and their story told with respect and beauty.

man in suit helping flower girl put on a shoe
bride hugs man in suit
woman zips up brides classic dress
woman puts on brides shoes
bride stands at stained glass window
older man stands at alter while younger man puts puzzle into heart
young boy puts a piece of puzzle
bride and groom stand at front of catholic church in long beach wedding
bride and groom kiss at front of catholic church ceremony at long beach wedding
bride and groom walk up aisle in catholic church
bride and groom stand in front of stained glass windows, smiling
bride and groom stand in front of a large grass field and trees
bride and groom put their foreheads together
bride and groom stand with younger woman against white backdrop and tropical plants
bride and groom stand in the trees with intense sun flares
bride, groom, and guests walk together
bride raises glass along with guests after toast
groom smiles while dancing with bride
bride and groom slow dance while guests watch

It really important to take a second on your wedding day and connect with the people that matter most. Amanda stopped to take in the moments she had with her mom (even though it was her mom's big day!)

I'd love to give you an amazing experience as a Long Beach wedding photographer, reach out to me!

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