How To Choose The Best Wedding Vendors For Your Day

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In this post I want to chat about something that is super daunting to a lot of engaged couples. And that is on how to choose the best wedding vendors!

From the first consultation to the end of the wedding day. I always encourage my couples to create a wedding day that FEELS like them.

Here’s what I mean:

The point of your wedding day is that you’re getting married to your person. (!!!!) In this moment, you are vowing to love and honor the person you’re standing in front of.

Whether you have a big wedding, or a small wedding, or an elopement where your photographer is your sole witness. This is truly an incredibly powerful step you’re taking in your relationship.

But it’s not just that moment, it’s the entire day before and after that moment that really does hold significant weight.

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During the planning process, I always recommend to hire a wedding TEAM.

This team is carefully crafted and paired together by you. Meaning, I encourage you to seek out vendors that captures you, celebrates you, and meets you exactly where you’re at.

Your wedding day is when you are reflecting on where your relationship started and how far you’ve come together. It’s a day to celebrate the promises you’re making to one another and the marriage that will follow.

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Hire vendors that help create a seamless and smooth process.

The first vendors booked for most weddings are the venue (because that determines your date) and photo/video vendors (hi there!). After that, it can feel like an overwhelming and really stressful process. Trust me when I say, you’re not alone!

I feel that it is so important to enjoy the process when it comes to wedding planning. Your vendors should be there to ensure that your day feels fun and easy. Their primary focus should be based on your priorities and needs.

the emerald forest wedding photographer tminspired photography, redmond washington, How To Choose The Best Wedding Vendors

How To Choose The Best Wedding Vendors

Personally, I love to help my couples find vendors that they can trust. One way I do that is via my “Recommended vendors” page on my website.

But in this new year, I am also interviewing some of my top favorite vendors and featuring them on my blog. This way, I'm able to allow my couples to hear directly from them, too.

When you book a vendor you should feel confident that you trust them to follow through on their promises for you.

A way to build that trust is to hop on a phone call with them or meet them in person if possible. Another is to read the reviews they have on Google, Facebook, and The Knot.

5 questions to ask yourself when deciding between vendors on your wedding day:

  1. How do they make you feel?
  2. Does it seem like they prioritize the same things you do when it comes to your wedding?
  3. Do you clearly see the value in the services they offer?
  4. Does it feel like they understand your overall vision?
  5. Is it obvious that they have your best interest in mind?
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How To Choose The Best Wedding Vendors

All the photos in this post are ones I took of Tori and Kirk in The Emerald Forest wedding venue.

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