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Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle

I worked a couple of weddings with Michelle throughout 2020. The first thing that stands out to me watching her work is how kind and genuine she is with her clients.

In the midst of the chaos on a wedding day, Michelle is really calm and collected. Something I prefer every vendor should embody on such an overwhelming day.

Michelle and her team approach each wedding as a new, unique opportunity to serve their clients well. They see hair and makeup as a collaboration with those they’re serving and I absolutely love that.

Being a hair and makeup stylist Seattle, I love to recommend Michelle to my couples seeking to be pampered on their big day. Read my interview with Michelle to get to know her and her business a bit better below!

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Michelle Wight: Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle

Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle Michelle Wight

Was there one moment when it dawned on you that you should be a hair and makeup stylist?

During a theatre class in college. I was in the middle of an assignment (making myself appear old from stage), when he asked me if I had been doing makeup for awhile. When I said no, and he said, “maybe you should.” That teacher gave me the confidence boost I needed. I was a baby I knew nothing, and went from there.

How long have you been in the wedding industry as a Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle?

My entire career I have been styling Brides. My first formal booking was at 22.

Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle Michelle Wight
Photo by Kamra Fuller

Can you share for us a bit of your journey since you started your business?

Oh my what a journey! I stayed at MAC for 10 years and booked weddings on the side. In 2011, I moved from LA to Seattle and started working with the Seattle Seagals.

Once I had a taste of the freelance life, I decided it was time to leave MAC and pursue weddings full time.

At first, I assisted with bridal companies who were already established which was wonderful. I made life long friends with those women. In 2017, I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child and needed to create my own schedule.

That's when I started advertising on my own and booked my first full season of clients. It has been a whirlwind since then! Now, I have a team of five stylist who assist me during each wedding season. We have served almost 200 clients in the past two years and look forward to the 2021 season.

In what ways have you seen the wedding industry shift in light of 2020?

I’ve seen the most amazing pivots. Watching vendors think outside the box and getting so creative. I love seeing them come up with ways that allows couples to celebrate love in a safe way. I have seen couples who want to be married no matter what that looks like. We’ve been on the side of a mountain, on boats, couples backyards, rooftops! It has been truly amazing.

Who is all a part of your Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle team?

Besides myself, we currently have three hair stylist and two makeup artists.

Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle Michelle Wight
Photo by Jane Jung

How would you describe your vibe?

Hmmm that’s so hard! I think I’m like calm in the midst of chaos. Honestly, that’s probably from having 4 kids under the age of 17.

Many of my clients have said I bring a really calm energy with me on site. And I think that’s important on a day that can sometimes become really stressful.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by those who have come before me. I love to listen to peoples experiences who have been in the industry for decades. As well as listening to Podcasts and to books on Audible that are referred by other business owners.

What services do you provide?

On site hair and makeup styling for any occasion. You can see a full list of my services by going here.

As a Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle, do you offer trails?

Yes, in our new studio space downtown Seattle.

Hair and Makeup Stylist Seattle Michelle Wight
Photo by Sarah Harris

What are your service areas?

I will go all over Washington State! Our season is a giant circle from the San Juans, Chelan, Leavenworth and to Seabrook and back. Basically, anywhere my suitcase will take me.

What are some tips that a bride or groom should take note on when it comes to hair or skincare prior to their wedding day?

Skincare is essential! Hydrated, exfoliated skin is the secret ingredient to any flawless makeup application.

Do you have a favorite moment from a wedding day you would like to share?

In 2020 I had a surprise elopement. The bride surprised the groom that morning by asking him to get married that day! Obviously, he said yes, and it was so magical!

Where can couples connect with you if they want to book you for their Seattle wedding?

Website: https://www.mlwmakeupartistry.com
Email: mlwmakeupartistry@gmail.com
Instagram, Facebook, and The Knot

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