Historic Farmhouse 14 Wedding Photographer

historic farmhouse 14 wedding photographer

I love a short commute to a wedding! It means I get to wake up late, have a good breakfast, and get to the venue with plenty of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the variety of venues further away too! But every now and then, it’s nice to shoot in my hometown. One of the venues closest to me in Puyallup is The Historic Farmhouse 14. Being a consistent Historic Farmhouse 14 wedding photographer would be a dream!

When and where to do your engagement shoot

Brianna and Nick decided to do their engagement shoot only a month before their wedding. They wanted those beautiful golden hour vibes which meant we made time for their engagement shoot in the summer. There’s a lot to consider when choosing time of year for your engagement shoot. Do you want autumn leaves or snow or rain and fog, or those golden hour rays? Consider when your wedding date is and decide if you want something similar or different! Even if you want similar weather, maybe you want a different environment. Choosing your engagement shoot location is just as important, but don’t worry, I’m going to help you with all of it!

Being a Historic Farmhouse 14 wedding photographer means I know the spots!

After we were done with formal photos at Brianna and Nick’s wedding, we explored the venue. There are so many cool nooks and crannies for shots at their venue. And, we got to be a small crew with just the couple, my husband Nathan on video (see the film here https://youtu.be/apg2ElQbAvw) and myself, which made it easy for Brianna and Nick to be themselves.

They brought in boutique rentals for their which helped make the setting unique to them. It also allowed us to set up some different portrait shots. If you’re thinking about adding boutique rentals to your wedding, but are unsure, I can help you decide. You can do more than furniture as well, and it can help accent the beautiful florals, like the ones from this day by Pollen in Love.

historic farmhouse 14 house wedding venue
bride and bridesmaids champagne pop in blue robes
bridesmaids dancing in blue robes at historic farmhouse 14 wedding
bride looks in mirror putting on makeup
wedding flower girl in white dress looks through doorway
bridesmaids reaction to bride reveal
bride on staircase with veil
bride and groom veil portrait
bride and groom portrait with veil over face
groomsman playfully shove groom
bride and groom walk through tunnel of bridal party's arms
bridesmaids in burgundy dresses dance around bride
ring bearer runs through velvet ceremony chairs
guests look at bride and groom during ceremony
bride and groom wedding kiss at end of ceremony
bride and groom celebrate with arms up while walking up aisle
bride and groom kiss amongst trees at historic farmhouse venue
sunbeam crosses bride and groom as they walk by roses
bride and groom walk away between two white fences at historic farmhouse venue
sweetheart table at center of reception with signs reading "mrs" and "mr" on back of chairs
bride and groom enter reception with arms up
bride and groom kiss at their sweetheart table during reception
dessert table with gold and glass serving trays
bride feeds groom a piece of wedding cake
bride and groom sit on green velvet antique couch amongst ivy vines
white neon sign reading "the lauderbacks" hangs amongst greenery
groom twirls bride on dance floor under bistro lights
groom dips bride on dance floor under bistro lights
groom spins two little girls around on dance floor
littly boy dances on dance floor
bride and groom exit through guests holding sparklers
bride and groom kiss while guests hold sparklers behind them

Are you getting married in Puyallup? I'd love to chat with you about your wedding!

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