Creating Luxury at Weddings with Boutique Rentals

wedding rentals

There are lots of things to think about on a wedding day. I know one of the most important aspects to clients is their guest’s experience. All couples want their friends and family to have a good time, be comfortable, and eat well. Something you can do to guarantee comfort and aesthetic beauty, is add boutique rentals into your design.

Boutique rentals are furniture, tableware, and other décor items that can be rented from a small company (#shopsmall) to elevate your wedding design. Instead of plastic chairs, go with wood or leather or something even more comfortable! You’ll want to work it into your existing design budget, which your planner and designer will help you do. They will know all the good rental companies in your area.

While there’s so many reasons to rent from a boutique, I’ve got four for you!

boutique rentals

Add more interest to your cocktail hour set up

Cocktail hour is this fun but strange window between your ceremony and reception. Sometimes, couples will join their guests in the festivities. Often times, this is when extended family portraits are happening. If you didn’t do a first look, this is when couple portraits are going to happen as well.

All that to say, you’ll want guests to have more to do during cocktail hour than stand around and drink. Providing games is a great first step, but more than that, boutique rental furniture will help bring more interest. Plus, once cocktail hour is over, you can use it the rest of the night as more seating. Not everyone is going to be on the dance floor!

Some boutique rental companies, like Wander Rentals, have packages called lounge sets that bring all the elements of a cohesive seating area together, including couch, chairs, rug, coffee table, side tables, and pillows as accents. How cute to see grandma and the flower girl curled up chatting as the party goes on! Or all your work friends, chatting and drinking while nestled into the comfortable chairs.

Easily Elevate your wedding

Boutique rentals are a reasonable way to make your wedding more lux. It brings in texture and luxury in a way that people can use and easily see. There’s nothing wrong with plastic chairs or plain white plates, but with boutique rentals, it gives that extra level of design that your guests will notice and comment on for years! See a full shoot where a simple table-scape was elevated!

Especially if you’re getting married somewhere that you have to bring a lot of your own hardware in, why not spend a few extra dollars to make it beautiful and memorable? For instance, a plastic folding padded chair goes for $4, but a wooden and modern Frederick Chair goes for $6. For only two extra dollars you could elevate your wedding style!

Beyond seating, you can rent things like bar set ups, stools, interesting cups and plates, candle holders, silverware, lanterns, table cloths and more that will bring an extra level of quality to an already well-planned event.

luxury wedding rentals
luxury wedding rentals

Boutique Rentals for Portraits

One of the overlooked areas when thinking about rentals, is what they can do for your portrait time. Putting a couch in the middle of your garden venue and posing on it with your partner, will immediately take regular portraits into magazine-worthy territory. A beautiful settee will add that extra-magic and give you variety in your photo shoot.

Additionally, you could use it for some of your bigger family portraits. At every other wedding, we’re looking for a chair for grandma to sit on, or a way to make one long line of family members more dynamic. Adding a couple club chairs makes the image layered.

If you don’t think a couch can add a romantic touch to your wedding day, you haven’t met the right couch yet! Take a look at your local boutique rentals places and start planning your dream wedding and design!

wedding tableware rental

Use Rentals to add fun to your wedding day!

Rentals don't have to be just about aesthetics. Use boutique rentals for games, neon signs, or bounce houses! Give your guests something to do at your wedding besides drink! They'll remember the fun they had, and the kids will have a blast. Plus, guests love to take pictures while they're looking good, and signs can add an extra level to any selfie.

wedding bounce house
wedding rentals

There are so many uses for boutique rentals, from adding interest and luxury to using them for portraits. They’re worth the extra few dollars to give an amazing guest experience!  Some of the rental companies feature above, and ones we love are Wander Rentals, Elevated Events by Tosha, Hosted Modern, Love Blossoms Wedding, Designs by Ashlie Smith, and Simply Unique Event Rentals. Bounce house from Eleven 23 Bounce Company.

If you’d like to know more about boutique rentals and how we can use them in your shoot, reach out to me!

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