Evergreen Meadows Wedding Photographer | Snoqualmie, WA

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Evergreen Meadows Wedding Photographer

When Rose and Beau reached out, they expressed to me how much they had changed since they got married a few years ago. We wanted to host a small session with all the elopement/vow renewal vibes, to celebrate their love story.

The venue Evergreen Meadows, found in Snoqualmie, was the perfect location for this shoot. I love the variety that this venue provides for both large weddings and small weddings. They have a tent for when it rains, and multiple ceremony locations for couples to choose from to find their perfect fit.

Local planner and floral designer Katrina from Love Blooms teamed up with us to help bring our vision to life. Lauren of Seattle Beauty Boss did Rose's hair and makeup for the photo session so she didn't have to worry about a thing.

Evergreen Meadows Wedding Photographer

I love when couples find themselves fully present for their sessions with me. Rose and Beau were reminiscing of their wedding day together. They had pointed out the similarities of this venue with their actual wedding venue. Which lead us to recreate some of their all time favorite wedding photos.

There is nothing quite like when we can take a moment to celebrate the journey. When we are recognizing where we started, what has lead us, and to where we are now. When we get to see the differences, but also fully understand that it is the same love story. Ah, it is so incredibly powerful.

Rose and Beau joined me as we wondered the venue and discovered each pocket of sunlight. There were definitely moments I found myself with chills. These two are the sweetest.

This shoot was also featured on Love Hard Honey.

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