Adventure Elopement Officiant Jimmie | Vendor Spotlight

This vendor spotlight is all about Jimmie. An adventure elopement officiant based in the PNW.

I’ve been following Jimmie for quite a while and I’m excited to share his brilliance with you. His Instagram game is on point. He shares snapshots of the weddings and elopements he’s officiated. As well as behind the scenes of him working, wedding memes and sasquatch references.

Jimmie essentially shares exactly what I think our industry is needing after such a heartbreaking year: Celebrating love stories with a little bit of laughter, a smidge of dark humor (my fave), and a whole lot of love.

Adventure Elopement Officiant

If you are planning your perfect day and looking for an adventure elopement officiant, Jimmie is your guy. He personally connects with each couple he works with. He also comes highly recommended by so many vendors in the industry. You really can’t go wrong!

Okay okay! Now is the time, engaged cuties. I’d love to introduce you now to Jimmie! Below you’ll read an interview he and I had that really shows his heart for elopements.

Adventure Elopement Officiant Jimmie cannon beach

As an adventure elopement officiant, how would you describe your vibe?

My vibe is fun, goofy, romantic, and relaxed. That’s my overall vibe! I love pulling from the energy I feel from my couples and match them.

Was there a particular moment that inspired you to become an officiant?

My best friends asked me to marry them at their intimate wedding. After being able to capture who they are and their love story and personalize it, it truly felt like something I would love to do for others.

How long have you been in the wedding industry?

3 wonderful years!

What services do you provide? Do you officiate bigger weddings too, or weddings at a venue?

I provide unlimited communication with my couples, custom ceremony writing, performance of the ceremony and marriage. Also, rehearsals as needed, and of course, filing all official paperwork.

I do all ceremony types from elopements, church weddings, large venues, I’ve even done in-home cozy ceremonies.

Adventure Elopement Officiant Jimmie portland vendor
Photo by Kate Ames

Can you share for us a bit of your journey since you started your business as an adventure elopement officiant?

It started off doing my best friends wedding, I decided to do an Instagram page and offer my services. I did a couple more weddings/elopements that year.

For the next few months, I really connected with photographers and vendors in the industry. I ended up booking approximately 35 ceremonies the following year. Then another 40 ceremonies this past year! Since starting, I have done ceremonies in 4 different states and have been to some pretty epic locations!

My journey has really been making connections and getting to know people. Really, portraying who I am, so prospective couples can genuinely entrust me.

In what ways have you seen the wedding industry shift in light of 2020?

I saw a lot of people shift from large weddings to really prioritizing their love and doing tiny intimate weddings and elopements. People were still able to the day special with vendors and things that they love. But now, the focus became more on them as a couple - instead of putting on large events. I think the shift really put into perspective how the day is truly about marrying their partner.

Do you have any tips for couples writing their own personal vows?

Be authentic! Really pour your heart into it. It’s not about fancy words, it’s about really portraying to your partner your honest love for them.

Make it personal, make it fun, and truly tell your partner what’s in your heart.

Adventure Elopement Officiant Jimmie waterfall wedding
Photo by Anni Graham

What is your favorite way to connect with a couple prior to their wedding day? Take us through your process.

My favorite way is FaceTime! I usually have an initial phone call to get to know them and talk about what they’re looking for, ideas, etc. After that, there’s usually several text messages and I send out an in-depth questionnaire that really allows them to tell me who they are personally and as a couple. I really love my questionnaire I’ve designed because I REALLY get to know fun and unique things about them.

What are your service areas? Do you travel outside of the PNW?

I serve primarily the Pacific Northwest, but I will go anywhere a couple is willing to take me!

Do you have a favorite moment from an elopement wedding day you would like to share?

GOOD QUESTION! There are two moments that come to mind:

I did one elopement along the Oregon coast where the Orcas literally surfaced at the end of the ceremony. That was pretty f*cking magical to say the least.

At another intimate wedding, I pulled out some surprise Taco Bell Soft Tacos as part of the Unity Snack portion of the ceremony. Taco Bell is a very important staple in that couple’s relationship and they emphasized how much they loved it. The reaction from that was pretty fun!

Adventure Elopement Officiant Jimmie unique fun wedding vendors
Photo by 4 Joy Media

Anything else you would like to add?

I’m really about providing anything and everything I can for my couples. Meaning, if they have ideas of what they would like from their special day beforehand, or if they need help coming up with certain ideas; I am here for it. I believe very much that I am honored to marry two incredible human beings in love and will do all that I can to justify their story.

Where can people connect with you if they want to learn more or book you as their adventurous elopement officiant?

Instagram and Facebook

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