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Outside of weddings, I love getting to photograph families! As a Seattle family photographer with over twelve years of experience, I've had the joy of becoming the "lifetime photographer" for many incredible families. From proposals and weddings to newborns and annual family sessions, it's been an honor to document the beautiful journey of so many lives. One of my favorite aspects of family photography is the chance to see kiddos grow up, and be a part of yearly tradition. Having repeat clients means so much to me because it means you've loved your images enough to come back again and again!

woman and man hold two little kids while standing in front of a lake

Building Lifelong Relationships With Seattle Family Photos

Being a part of my clients' lives at various stages is what makes my job truly special. The journey from proposals onto engagements to the wedding day, and then to family portraits, and perhaps even senior portraits one day, is a testament to the enduring connections formed through the years. Some of my clients call me their "lifetime photographer" which you can imagine makes me tear up! I love that I get to reconnect and keep these relationships with my clients forever! Not only do they appreciate my work, but we form bonds that last a lifetime. It's a unique joy to witness families grow and evolve over the years, capturing the essence of their changing lives.

And, I like to remind all my clients that a family photo shoot doesn't have to mean "people with kids"! As you know, Nathan and I have an amazing fur baby that we do all our family photos with. Or, it can be the first year you're celebrating the holidays after getting married. There are no rules on what "family" means, and I love to capture whatever that looks like to you!

As we're planning a shoot with your pups, I've got a blog post all about the best dog friendly locations in the Seattle area.

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Fall Mini Sessions: A Budget-Friendly Tradition

Understanding the importance of annual family photos, I've introduced fall mini sessions as an accessible way to keep the tradition alive without breaking the bank. Running for almost a decade now, these sessions provide a perfect opportunity for families, especially those with younger kids, to capture beautiful moments without the commitment of a full-length session. It's a practical solution that ensures you have a diverse collection of family memories each year, perfect for creating that holiday photo.

What is the difference between a family photo shoot and a mini session? Not much except time! Mini sessions are a way for me to give many families the opportunity to get their photos in since I show up at one location for a whole day. Each session is approximately twenty minutes with a little bit of wiggle room before the next client shows up. A full family photo shoot would include usually an hour of shooting and a location specific to you! With a mini-session we might do a set of more traditional photos whereas with a full family photo session you might get more candids as we have time to let the kids be themselves and move between poses more leisurely.

Whatever is right for you, I love the opportunity to reconnect with clients year after year!

Choosing the Perfect Locations for Fall Mini Sessions

Variety is the spice of life, and the same goes for family photo sessions. While I strive to pick different locations each year, the emphasis is always on good lighting to ensure consistently stunning images. From parks with vibrant fall colors to enchanting greenhouses, tree farms, and even beach sessions for our California mini sessions, each location offers a unique backdrop for your family's story. The goal is to create a gallery wall that beautifully showcases the passage of time.

But, if you're worried that this years photo will look too much like lasts years, never fear! As a Seattle family photographer, I love shooting in new places with new backdrops or offering several mini session days in different spots so that you have an option for scenery. It's also important to me to give at least one day indoors so that we're protected from the elements. Overall, lighting is what is most important to me! If a location doesn't have great lighting for the whole day, then it isn't worth it to me! Getting those perfect and soft family portraits that showcase all of you is what my experience has shown is worth it.

man and woman walk through a field during seattle family photos
man holds a kid by his arms and walks through foggy woods while a woman walks beside them during seattle family photos

The Gift of Memories from Seattle Family Photographer

Above all, an annual Seattle family photo session is about giving the gift of memories. I aim for my mini sessions and Seattle family photo shoots to become a cherished tradition for your family. These images serve as timeless keepsakes, allowing you to look back and see how each member has changed and grown throughout the years. It's a meaningful way to preserve the story of your family for generations to come. Plus, they make great gifts!

If you're ever wondering what to get parents or grandparents for the holidays, there are so many different type of photo gifts! Give them a album, a print, or even a whole gallery wall of their kids. Trust me, they'll love it.

one little boy helps another little boy climb up onto the rocks by the ocean during seattle family photos

In the ever-changing landscape of family life, the annual tradition of capturing moments through family photos serves as an anchor. As your Seattle family photographer, I am committed to making each session special, affordable, and a celebration of your unique journey. Let's continue creating and preserving the beautiful tapestry of your family's story! And, of course, I'll see you next year!

If you're wondering about your own family photo shoot, reach out to me!

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