Gift ideas for newlyweds they probably don’t have on their registry

Gift ideas for newlyweds they probably don't have on their registry. Don't get me wrong, you should probably buy a gift from a couples registry. I bet you could agree that there is no better gift than one that you actually asked for, haha.

This curated list of out of the box ideas you can gift. It actually can work for different seasons, too, it can be perfect for a holiday/Christmas gift or housewarming gift. It can be a couples gift even if they've been married for a few years or are yet to be married. Maybe they don't even have a registry for their wedding! Don't let the word "newlywed" hold you back on this. These gifts can work for couples at all different stages.

Being in the wedding industry, I see and hear about a lot of different things couples are asking for and receive as gifts for their celebration. Let alone what I've personally experienced as a bride, and walking the journey along side of my other friends who got married.

I'm a big fan of gifting a personalized gift that feels more unique to the couple. Hopefully this list can spark some ideas for your gift-giving needs, too!

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This post includes 25 gift ideas for you and your shopping needs!

Gift ideas for the homebody couples:

Nights at home together have never felt more cozy and romantic than these options below.

Vintage Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntable with Bluetooth in/Out and Built-in Speakers (comes in different colors so you can match their aesthetic)

Set the mood with some aromatherapy with this Date Night candle ("New Home" is also an option!) This natural soy candle "Date Night" has scents of Fig, Cashmere, Red Currant.

Pair it with this trendy Premium Decorative Wooden Matches in a Jar, Elegant Match Cloche Glass with Striker.

Okay so maybe "romance" isn't the word you want to go for. In that case, you can snag these trendy retro Smile Face Slippers. (Grab two sets so they can match!)

Keep them warm during the holiday season with this Chunky Knit Throw Blanket.

Spa night has never looked so cozy than these matching unisex Lightweight Waffle Robes For Women And Men. (More color choices!)

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

What if you REALLY want to splurge? Well then maybe consider getting them a hot tub. No, seriously, this inflatable one is the one that we use and LOVE IT. It was great to consider a temporary option that was more affordable before purchasing the real deal.

Inflatable Outdoor Hot Tub Spa

Okay okay I get it, that's probably out of your price range. No big deal - on to the rest of my ideas!

Gift ideas for the newlyweds who love to host:

If they already live together, it's likely they have the dishes and glassware they need for the day to day. But what about when they host others? You can gift them more specialty items like these:

These gorgeous Vintage Art Deco Coupe Glasses are a perfect timeless gift.

Green Vintage Pressed Pattern Glass Ice Cream Cups/Dessert Bowls (different colors available)

Fitz and Floyd Trestle Glassware Ornate Goblets (different colors available)

Vintage Glass Coffee Mugs 14 Oz Set of 4 Embossed Glass Cups for Tea, Coffee Mugs for Cappuccino, Latte, Cereal, Yogurt, Hot/Cold Holiday gift and Housewarming (the spoons are included!)

If you want to go more practical, you can also go for daily cutting boards like this bamboo set:

Or an extra large 20x14" cutting board like this one, which is my personal favorite.

And for the bakers, check out these non-toxic cookie sheets:

And this GreenLife Bakeware healthy ceramic nonstick baking pan.

For a prettier option, look at the Acacia Wood Cutting Board and Chopping Board with Handle. This is great for charcuterie, bread, pizza, as well as everyday cooking needs!

You can pair that with this modern Mini 4-Piece Cheese Knife Charcuterie Board Set

Let's face it, linen napkins can be so expensive! Help them out by purchasing this timeless set of 6 Linen Dinner Napkins. (Other colors are available!)

For couples who love to cook together:

I don't know who I would be without my Cast Iron Skillet. It's a staple for any home chef, and can easily replace all of those "gift sets" that won't last forever (like this one will!)

Maybe your gift idea for newlyweds is more in line with this Pizza Stone with Metal Support Stand.

A more fun and interactive gift could be a kit to try to cook something new, like this Soup Dumpling Kit.

For mornings at home, check out this Copper French Press Coffee Maker. We actually got this for our wedding and we've used it for 6 years (and counting!)

Do they already have a French press? Consider leveling them up with a Chemex, instead!

Gift ideas for the newlyweds who love to travel (or are about to go on their honeymoon!):

Make packing a breeze with this 8 Set Packing Cubes for Suitcases, Travel Essentials Bag Organizers (different color options available)

Charging Station for Apple Multiple Devices. (If they're apple users, this charging dock is game changing!)

JBL Clip 4: Portable Speaker with Bluetooth. We personally love to use this for our own sound/rain machine (Did I just age us as millennials?) It comes in different colors, too!

Oh my goodness, do we rely on these Apple AirTags. Game changer for when you're traveling to ensure nothing gets left behind, by you or your checked luggage at the airport!

While we're at it for the practical gifts, how about this UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger Box?

For couples who love to play games:

Trekking The National Parks. I think having a few 2-player games is a staple for newlyweds! I love the theme of this for adventurous couples where they can share memories and dream about where they might travel to next.

HUES and CUES. We actually had some friends of ours bring this over and it's a great choice for someone with game anxiety. It's all about describing a color. Simple and fun.

Maybe card games are more their style? You can check out Taco vs Burrito Card Game. Quick 15 minutes of gameplay for this surprisingly strategic game.

Gift ideas for newlyweds. Pin it for later:

gift ideas for newlyweds compilation of unique gifts for couples

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