My Favorite Wedding Theme Ideas for 2023

There is so much wedding inspiration to be found these days! Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube even…saving all those wedding theme ideas you find to inspire your own celebration is the best! But, I’m not going to lie to you, all that inspo from your favorite places on the internet can also make it incredibly hard to narrow everything down when you’re officially in the planning stages of your celebration.

I’m going to give you the biggest tip I’ve learned after more than ten years as a wedding photographer here in Washington. Ready? Only decorate your wedding with the things that speak to you and your partner. It’s that easy at the end of the day! (Well, we all know it’s not easy to plan a wedding, but you catch my drift!) You want your wedding to be a reflection of the love and the journey you and your partner share, rather than opting to create something just because you think it’s Pinterest-worthy. 

But at the same time, you deserve to go all out for your celebration and make this an occasion to remember! So in this blog, I’m going to give you some theme ideas that I am particularly loving right now, and showcase each of those ideas in action with some details from the weddings (and elopements!) I’ve photographed. Save this post in that “wedding” bookmark folder on your phone or computer, and come back to it as you’re pulling all your wedding details together. 

Here we go!

Wedding Theme No. 1: Greenery

Okay, this is a super vague concept, but stick with me! If you and your partner are lovers of the outdoors, or enjoy lush forest-y vibes like we have lots of here in Washington, incorporate lots of greenery into your wedding!

You can do this a couple of different ways. The first is to let Mother Nature be your decor! The second option is to go all out with your florals, or choose a forest or greenhouse venue for your ceremony and reception. Honestly, an outdoor wedding is going to feel pretty on point for this kind of theme, so you can’t go wrong! Plus, it’s a little less effort. 

Option 1

Option 2

Wedding Theme No. 2: Colors

Basing your decor around one specific color, or a color palette, is where a lot of couples begin when it comes to wedding planning. The options below showcase celebrations that were really centered on the color theme. In the first, the couple went for a more dramatic feel with all-black. In the second, a rainbow theme with tons of bright colors. I’ve even thrown in a carnival-inspired ceremony that has lots of bright colors too!

Option 1: Bold & Dramatic

Option 2: Bright & Fun

Bonus: Carnival Colors!

Wedding Theme No. 3: Retro/Vintage

Throwing it back a few decades is a really fun way to decorate! As the 90s come back into style, you could base your decor off of all your favorite 90s styles, or do what is shown here, which is a groovy, retro 1970s feel. (You can browse the full gallery for this retro wedding here.)

Wedding Theme No. 4: Folklore/Eclectic/Thrifted

Who says you can’t get the wedding of your dreams by reusing, repurposing, and thrifting?! I particularly love this option because it’s a sustainable way to plan your decor. Plus, you can reuse everything again after the wedding is over by donating, or incorporating a few pieces into your home decor. Cute house + wedding reminders? Count me in!

Wedding Theme No. 5: Based Around the Time of Year

Are you someone who has a strong opinion about your favorite season? Or maybe your favorite holiday? Why not throw your wedding during that season or holiday to really give yourself a happy celebration? Here, I’m showcasing one option that really leans into the fall season — colors, cozy vibes, warmth. The other is Christmas-inspired to reflect the cheeriness of the holiday in the midst of winter! You could do the same for spring or summer, etc.

Option 1: A Season You Love

Option 2: A Holiday You Love

Wedding Theme No. 6: Nerdy Details/Fandom-Inspired

This is an idea that really allows you and your partner to make your celebration feel like you, through the interests you share! Whether it’s more subtle touches that are a nod to your favorite books or shows, or an all-out theme that replicates the settings of the worlds you love so much, this is such a fun idea! This particular celebration is subtly detailed with elements from Lord of the Rings. 

I hope that these wedding theme ideas have inspired you to create a celebration that you and your partner will love and remember fondly! I also have tons of other inspiration over on Pinterest. If you like what you see in these photographs, reach out to me here! I’d be honored to document your day. 

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