Rachel & Mekala’s Eclectic Cottage Wedding in Port Townsend, WA 

On a cloudy and overcast day in midsummer, Rachel and Mekala gathered with their families and friends and said their “I do’s” in a gorgeous, eclectic cottage wedding. When the sun came out just after the ceremony, every single person in attendance (including me) beamed with joy! I was so happy to have been here with Rachel and Mekala on their wedding day. 

Planning an Eclectic Celebration

When Rachel and Mekala first reached out to me, their plan right off the bat was a celebration that was fun and relaxed, where all their loved ones could enjoy a genuine celebration that felt true to Rachel and Mekala. These two are both artists and designers, and wanted to have a photographer that understood their vision for the day, and was just as excited to see them married as they were! 

The venue they chose was a private cottage owned by a friend that couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for a wedding. There was a big vegetable garden, a wide open field, 8 chickens, and lots of trees! (The chickens were definitely in charge, but they were perfectly agreeable guests for us!)

The decor elements for Rachel and Mekala’s cottage wedding were the pieces they felt really needed to stay true to themselves. They envisioned lots of eclectic pieces, as well as small tributes to their friends and family. The couple wanted to celebrate their partnership with marriage, but also celebrate the community around them that supported both their individual lives, and their life together as a couple. 

Vendors at this Cottage Wedding

In addition to these incredible people below who helped make Rachel and Mekala’s day come to life, a lot of the details were done DIY style by the couple and their families! The flowers, invitations, candles, pom garlands, Mekala’s belt, and the antiques were all collected and created by this talented couple. This just goes to show that higher expenses don’t always equal better results when it comes to your wedding decor! Sticking to what feels right for you is always the best route. 

Venue: Private residence in Port Townsend, WA

Photographer: TMinspired Photography (that’s me!)

Videographer: Friend of the couple, Caitlin (with super 8mm)

Officiant: Family member, Gabi

Catering: La Cocina Port Townsend

Cake & dessert: Matcha and Rose

Makeup: Natasha

Rachel dress (black stars): Annah Bridal

Mekala's dress: Baltic Born

Alterations to dresses: Friend, Jenn

Wedding party outfits: Baltic Born & LuLu's

Wedding bands: Ruby Tynan Jewelry

Rentals: NW Event Rentals & Olympia Party Planning

This wedding was featured on Dancing With Her

After some juggling with covid, I was so happy to be present with Rachel and Mekala on their wedding day, in the most beautiful eclectic cottage setting ever. Whether it’s me or a member of my associate team, we are always so excited to see your vision come to life! You can reach out to me here for wedding and elopement photography. 

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