Proposal on the Beach at Discovery Park | Erin & Sadie

This proposal on the beach at Discovery Park in Seattle was a true surprise! I loved every moment of capturing this sweet declaration of love and intent between Sadie and Erin. Taking formal engagement photos is so much fun. But the thrill and excitement of capturing a moment like this, when two people’s lives shift course, just can’t be described! 

The original plan was to hike to Franklin Falls on the south fork of the Snoqualmie River. Erin pictured a hike in the snow, and the frozen waterfall as the backdrop for her proposal. But, because of the avalanche warnings that day, and the falls melting back to its regular flow, Erin decided to go with a different spot. She chose one that still held cherished memories for her and her love!

The pair head to the beach at Discovery Park often to look for sea glass together. Erin knew it would be a special place for her to ask Sadie to marry her, and I couldn't agree more! Nathan and I parked ourselves just far away enough from the crowd. As we saw Erin and Sadie approaching, we snuck around behind them until Erin chose the perfect spot to propose on the beach and ask Sadie to be her person forever. Cue all the happy kisses and exclamations!! 

What I loved about Sadie and Erin’s day is that this is a proposal in totally casual outfits. It was a true surprise and Sadie had no idea photos were being taken. It wouldn't have made sense if Erin made her wear something fancy, because she might have known something was up. They'll have the chance to take more formal engagement photos later. But these pictures are very much "them." It was a sweet, authentic surprise!

We then played on the sands for a little bit and soaked up the warm sunshine on this cold January day. I love the beach here at Discovery Park, and not just for a proposal! Although it does make for a really picturesque and memorable spot to pop the question. The beaches here in Washington have tons to explore. There's hikes among the trees and cliffsides, driftwood, rock formations, you name it. Turning a proposal on the beach into a full date-day is so perfect. 

landscape view of the beach at discovery park
Erin down on one knee to propose on the beach to Sadie
Couple shares a kiss at beach proposal
couple smiles at one another after beach proposal
couple embraces after proposal on the beach
close up of engagement ring surrounded by sea glass
couple shares a kiss after proposal on the beach
couple holds hands and smiles at discovery park in seattle
Erin turns to smile at the camera, holding hands with Sadie
couple embraces after proposal on the beach
couple climbs over the driftwood at discovery park
Erin gives Sadie a piggyback ride on the sand at discovery park
couple plays in the water on the beach at discovery park
close up of couple holding hands

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