How To Personalize Your Vows with Tapestry Event Co.

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How To Personalize Your Vows with Tapestry Event Co.

I believe that the words spoken on your wedding day are incredibly important! You are making promises and vowing your hearts to the love of your life - your person. It can also feel like a daunting task, to figure out the length of each persons vows or finding a good rhythm. I connected with Kelleen of Tapestry Event Co. to gain some insight on their new vow writing workshop they're offering to couples.

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How To Personalize Your Vows with Tapestry Event Co.

Hi! I’m Kelleen, the Content Manager of Tapestry Event Co. and co-creator of our Vow Writing Workbook. A year ago, I got married. And the year before that, I spent time carefully considering and thinking about how my husband’s and my ceremony was going to be our own, rather than a traditional script that didn’t fit who we are and our relationship. Throughout that journey, I developed and learned how vital personalized vows are to making your ceremony all your own.


Writing your wedding vows is a deeply intimate act. Whether you are going to recite them in front of an audience, share with each other after your first look, or exchange letters after the ceremony, your vows are the words you are sharing with one another to commit to marriage. What’s beautiful about this process is that you get to define what your marriage looks like and means in your own words. Whatever boundaries or promises that belong to the two of you can be acknowledged, recognized, and celebrated.

At Tapestry, we are definitely the type of planners that put your marriage first when planning your celebration. With that in mind, I encourage you to have conversations together about why you want to get married, your future goals, and what promises you want to embed into the foundation of your marriage. Not only are these conversations important, but they also create the basis of your vows. Paying attention to how your partner highlights certain topics and smiles when certain thoughts are brought up is the perfect fodder for the topics that will make them smile when you share them.


When writing your vows, staring at a blank page can be one of the most intimidating things ever. One of the ways to move past that block is to write your vows in the form of a letter. Writing directly to your partner can make writing feel like you are speaking to them, rather than writing a script. After meditating on your favorite memories, write from that warm and fuzzy feeling of being together and tell them why those memories make you so happy.

Some couples choose to write their vows together in order to synchronize them or to collaborate on the exact promises they want to make. This is a beautiful way to relieve the pressure of writing individual vows and create something as a team that represents the both of you and the future you want to share together.


If you are writing your vows, then they will be in your voice and personal to you. Not overthinking it is the first step to making them sound like you. But, there are also elements you can include in them to create more depth and context.

Elements include:

  • Quotes
  • Memories
  • Song Lyrics
  • Cultural Traditions
  • Anything you can think of!

Your vows will have the essence of you in them simply because you are writing them. But if you are interested in more guidance, suggestions on format, prompts, or just overall support, hop over and check out Tapestry Event Co.’s Vow Writing Workshop + Workbook. We created a resource for couples who want aligned and deep vows that stem from conversations about shared hopes, dreams, and values.

How To Personalize Your Vows with Tapestry Event Co.

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