Being in quarantine for longer than a month definitely took a toll on a creatives soul. (See what I did there?) With the stay at home order for Covid-19 in effect for 3 months, wedding photographer's were seeking ways to stay inspired, creative, and connected with other humans.

In the photo world, FaceTime Sessions are becoming all the rage for photographer's. Unlike porch sessions, we were truly at a safe distance and in our own home, as well.

FaceTime Sessions

FaceTime Sessions are a virtual session for families, couples, or can even be used for a solo portrait session. These sessions are for anyone who is staying safe and at home.

NOTICE: I am no longer offering FaceTime Sessions. However, my friend Tim is! If you're looking for a virtual session, head on over to his website.


We would set up a FaceTime call using a Calendly scheduler. At our scheduled time, we would connect virtually for a 30 minute session. I would then direct you to pose as I typically would during an in-person session. I will also help (virtually) set up your phone to give me the best angle and light. It's a little funky, a little silly, and the outcome is always unique.


I offered these sessions for free! YAY! I was simply encouraging those who schedule a session to leave me a review of what it was like to work with me via Google or Facebook.

For those financially able to do so, I recommended places to donate to the charity or nonprofit of your choice to help with the Covid-19 pandemic. Two recommended places you can still donate to: Direct Relief and Feeding America.


These 30 minute sessions are creative and unique - not meant to be absolutely perfect. That being said, we will get the best quality if you have an iPhone 8 or newer, running IOS 11 or newer. iPads can work but Androids won't - sorry!

Though I am no longer offering FaceTime Sessions, I am continuing to document love stories around the world. Contact me today and let's capture some memories!

If you are planning your own FaceTime session, here are some additional tips:

It'll be fantastic if you have a tripod to use for your phone. Otherwise, think of some Plan B options of how you can easily prop it up near the best sources of light in your home. (I gravitate to windows and natural light!)

Worried about a "messy home"? Dude, we're all a little messy right now - there is no judgement from me if it's not spotless. A home is meant to be lived in, you know what I mean? I would plan for 2-3 locations in your home for these session. Having a few spots in mind prior to our call will be a huge time-saver. Want to plan in advanced? Having a bed that's made, a couch that's tidied up, and items near windows moved to a different spot will be a huge help!

Need outfit inspiration? Check out my Pinterest for ideas. Cozy at home vibes is recommended, casual and cute!

Optional: Bringing in funky props is cool too. Let's get weird.