San Diego Romantic Sunset Photographer

I recently found the most magical location to shoot at, and my heart feels like it’s on fire each time I’m there. The sunset at this location fuels my soul. For those willing to go for a bit of a drive, I’m a bit obsessed with shooting here right now.

The first time I went, Kindyl and Dirk came and met me. They were willing to take the chance at a new location I only saw via Google street view and a few blog posts from other photographers. Basically, site unseen.

I’ve noticed that a lot of clients are hesitant when they can’t see photos from a location before their session – and I totally get it. But dude, look at the possibilities! I absolutely love it when my clients take a chance and trust me. Ultimately what makes a couples session great is when the couple can simply let go, trust in their photographer, and allow their session to feel like a date night. Meaning: Fun, silly, romantic, and full of snuggles and fuzzy feelings. With all of these things combined, no matter where you are, is when the magic happens.

These two aren’t engaged yet – but boy does this look like the most romantic engagement session ever, right?

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