Roller Rink Wedding Reception

I think the theme of this wedding could have been: do what you want with your wedding day! We know I love a retro moment, and this roller rink micro wedding reception fit all my 70’s theme dreams. Truly, I encourage all of my couples to think about themselves on their wedding day. The people closest to you will all have opinions, but at the end of the day, they want you to be happy! So do what makes you happy! And that means, your day can look however you want it to.

Instagram Followers to Clients to Friends

Jenn and I connected on Instagram for over a decade. She’s always been one to have fun pops of color in her clothing and a 70’s flare of style (perfect for a roller rink reception).  When she reached out to have me document their micro wedding in Seattle, I was stoked!

For their engagement photos, we rented a vintage red mustang and took them to a drive-in burger join, Pick Quick. So cute. So vintage. And so perfectly them. That’s what made Jenn and Dave’s day pure magic—it embodied them! Don't be afraid to think of your own unique ideas for engagement sessions.

Hardships in a Micro Roller Rink Wedding Reception

Planning a reception at a roller rink has different challenges than other venues. As a private party rental, we only had two hours to get in, set up décor, skate around with guests, and take ALL the photos that matched their vibe. Plus, grab a little bite to eat, cause #donutsarelife.

Knowing me, I accepted the challenge and smashed it! I carved out five minutes here and there to grab the posed photos, and spent the rest of the time prioritizing candid moments. We wanted them to be able to chat and hang out with their guests and not just spent the whole-time taking pictures.

I got the opportunity to fuse in some Super 8mm footage, because we knew it would pass their vibe check!

70's theme wedding decor during roller rink wedding reception
bride and groom pose outside roller rink wedding reception
people sit on the side of a roller rink
dad and son skate at roller rink wedding reception
bride and groom post under disco ball at roller rink wedding reception
man plays limbo on roller rink
couple skates together on roller rink during wedding reception
bride and groom skate together during roller rink wedding reception
bride and groom walk out of wedding reception
bride and groom with donut at wedding reception
roller rink wedding reception with neon lights and disco ball

If you're planning your own unique wedding full of retro and magic, reach out to me!

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