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As a wedding photographer, I highly encourage ALL couples to browse full galleries from the photographers they are considering. Instagram can only show so much, you know? However, it’s important to keep in mind that blog post galleries also can only show so much.

But when you inquire, feel free to ask to see the full gallery! My suggestion is to do this with me and honestly any other photographer you’re considering. I celebrate when couples ask to see full galleries so they can really feel confident in their choice.

With 10+ years of experience in the wedding industry, I feel like my brain is so full of knowledge, thoughts and ideas. Head on over to my blog to read some of the resources I have shared! Though my blog is resourced-based, you’ll also find a lot of golden tickets in the posts below. Sprinkled through these gallery posts you’ll also find tips and tricks from yours truly!


Surprise Proposal at Rattlesnake Lake | Merissa & Emilio

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Lauren & Kyle’s Sun-Soaked Wedding at Willow’s Lodge in Woodinville

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Keshia & Austin’s Ranch Wedding in Orange County

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Proposal on the Beach at Discovery Park | Erin & Sadie

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Flower Field Photoshoot Guide by Season in the PNW

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Tia & Wil’s Cabin Airbnb Elopement at Mt. Rainier

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If there’s a topic you’d like to hear more about, feel free to reach out on Instagram via @TMinspired, where I also like to share fun facts, pro-tips, and additional information as the ideas spark.

portfolio galleries by Taylor of TMinspired Photography

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