PNW Backyard Micro Wedding Photographer

In the world of COVID-19, we’re all learning to navigate what weddings look like. For a while it seemed that everything was changing by the day. Even now, halfway through 2020, we’re still seeing that level of shifting happening quite often.

For couples who have been planning to get married for months, it’s been frustrating, confusing, and heartbreaking to navigate. They are now needing to reimagine what their day could’ve been versus what is needs to be now.

With the right vendor team, and the right mindset, trust me when I say that you can have a wedding day that is just as magical.

Sara and Sam postponed their already-planned ceremony and reception, but they still wanted to still get married. They opted for a backyard ceremony (well, in this case, their front yard) and it was absolutely adorable.

They sent me photos at different times throughout the afternoon so I could see how the light would pour through the trees. Unfortunately, there was no sun flare on the actual day. There actually was even some rain as they were setting up. It wasn’t a problem though because it just helped the afternoon feel so cozy.

PNW Backyard Micro Wedding Photographer

A “micro wedding” is a cross between an elopement and an intimate wedding, usually less than 15 guests.

They thought through the new COVID protocols: Their wedding party and their officiant were actually all roommates with Sara and Sam, so none of them had to wear masks. Their next door neighbor played the guitar for their ceremony. They set up a Zoom call on a laptop (protected by an umbrella because the PNW = rain).

The only guests were local family members who social distanced as much as possible. We did one socially distanced group photo but we did skip formal family photos, as their larger reception is happening next year.

In the world of COVID, we need to seek out what “normal” means and focus on the main priorities. Celebrations can absolutely still happen, it will just look different for a while. Ultimately, it’s important that we come together and keep each other safe and healthy.

My husband Nathan, owner of Ochoa Wedding Films, also created a highlight film for Sara and Sam to re-live their precious day. you can watch it on his YouTube account by clicking here.

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PNW Backyard Micro Wedding Photographer
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PNW Backyard Micro Wedding Photographer
PNW Backyard Micro Wedding Photographer