Julia and Jason held their marriage ceremony under the canopy of trees at Oak Canyon Nature Center. The sunlight poured through the trees as they read their personal vows to one another. I loved the white and pink foxtail intertwined in their floral arrangements on their ceremony and in her bridal bouquet.

In between the ceremony and reception, we joined the newlyweds and their bridal party to their hotel where Julia changed into a new dress for their reception. Once we were all ready to go, we actually sent the bridal party to the reception early as we made a pit stop at In-N-Out to enjoy a burger and some fries. I mean, is it really an Orange County wedding if you don’t snack on In-N-Out?

After our pre-dinner dinner, we made our way to the reception, which was the Newland Barn in Huntington Beach. I love this venue specifically for the fact that I can easily sneak the couple away at sunset and take them to the nearby field. We’re far away enough from the guests that the newlyweds have a little bit of alone time, but we’re close enough that we don’t have to spend a lot of time being away.

I definitely wouldn’t mind joining couples at the Newland Barn Huntington Beach as their Wedding Photographer during each wedding season. I could definitely get used to this venue.

Wedding galleries are so much more than Instagram-perfect photos. They tell the story of your day, they show the ones who came to celebrate your love, and they allow you to re-live really special moments. All of the beautiful, artistic photos of you and your partner? ABSOLUTELY important. But so are the moments in between – the moments that unfold organically in front of you. I’m excited to share this wedding with you today.

Since Nathan officially launched his wedding videography business this year, we’ve already had a few weddings that we’ve gotten to shoot together, side-by-side. Yes, he’s been my second shooter for the last 8 years on wedding days, but as a second shooter you don’t normally have control over posing, timing, and angles. You also don’t cull, edit, and deliver the final product. Nathan dove right in, isn’t afraid of taking the time to learn and to grow, and I am so proud of how he is chasing after his dream. I’m really grateful that Nathan and I share this passion together that fuels our souls and sets our hearts on fire. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, teammate, and coworker.

You can watch Julia & Jason’s wedding film by clicking here.

We are both so happy for you two, Julia and Jason. Thank you for trusting Nathan and me to document your gorgeous wedding day.