“How to write your own wedding vows” can be a daunting question. Writing your vows may seem scary, but it’ll give a very personalized aspect to your wedding ceremony, and it’s another chance to express your love to your partner in a very special way on your wedding day. So I’ve come up with 5 tips to writing your own wedding vows: 

Don’t copy and paste

What I mean by copy and paste is, don’t write your vows how you think they should be written, your vows should be unique and expressed in your own personal way. This is a great time to remind you to avoid all the cliches (after all, your love story isn’t cliche!). Think about the things that are unique to you and your partner’s love, and vows should be written how you already speak to your partner. Feel free to write a rough draft, or a few drafts, until what you have written feels right to you and deeply expresses how you feel. It’s key that your vows are written from the heart, so don’t worry about getting your first draft perfect. You’ll have some time to edit! 

tips for writing your own vows washington elopement photographer
tips for writing your own vows washington elopement photographer
tips for writing your own vows washington elopement photographer

Talk with your partner beforehand

It’s important to have a conversation with your partner before you write your vows. You’ll both want to get a good idea of how in-depth you’ll want your vows. We want to avoid that awkward moment at the ceremony where one person’s vows are a just few words, and the other person wrote a whole essay. Just like your relationship, when writing your vows, communication is key. You’ll also want to discuss things like how personal your vows will be (will your be including any personal stories?). Keep in mind that you have other people invited to your wedding so they will be hearing these. 

tips for writing your own vows washington elopement photographer
tips for writing your own vows washington elopement photographer

Give yourself plenty of time! 

For real though, don’t procrastinate! I repeat, do. Not. Procrastinate. There’s nothing worse than having to rush to when writing vows for the most important day of your life. I recommend starting to write them a few months (yes, give yourself this much time!) before the wedding. A great way to look over them with a fresh mind is to come back to them every few weeks. We all know that writer’s block is real! Especially when you’re writing about something important and feeling all the pressure. As I mentioned before, don’t stress too much about your first draft because you’ll have time to get your vows perfect if you give yourself plenty of time. 

Think about why you love your partner

When you write your vows, think about all the things about your partner that make you go “Awww!” when you think about them. This will make the process a lot easier when you sit down to write your vows. I think it’s a good idea to first start by creating a list of all the reasons why you love your partner, and then to incorporate them into your vows. You should also think about things like what you’re looking forward to in your new married life together and little stories about your love (like maybe you have a really cute love story where you met in a coffee shop? Maybe it was a blind date?). You could even have a family member or close friend look over them if you’d like a second set of eyes.

When it comes to writing your vows, the most important thing is that it feels genuine to you and your partner’s love! Nothing makes your vows more special than being able to share that moment with your partner. 

Now, if someone ever wonders you how to write your own wedding vows, you can share this with them! If you’ve already found the one you love and you’re ready to hire the perfect photographer for your big day, click here to set up a call with me.

tips for writing your own vows washington elopement photographer
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