This is part two of Jen and Warren’s engagement session. We started their session in their home, where they made pancakes and gave their dogs a bath. It’ super cute, trust me. If you’d like to see that session, click here.

Okay, on to this part of their engagement session. We made our way to the Forest of the Nisene Marks State Park for a magical, romantic session under the trees. It’s probably one of my favorites to date. Get this – it was POURING rain (and hail) the entire time we drove to the park. We were prepared for it, but I’ll be honest, we were hoping for at least the hail to calm down, haha. However, literally right when we arrived and parked our car, the rain had stopped. Out of nowhere. And the forest was so quiet, besides the rain trickling down from leaf to leaf until it reached the ground. Instead of rain, the sun poured through the trees, as if celebrating the light that their love brings this world.