Human connection fuels my soul. Moments and memories are everything. I want us to hang on to that and amplify that. Let me take a step into your world and hear your story. Let us allow ourselves to dive deeper. Let us follow our beating hearts – because they’re full of life, full of adventure. Let us chase after our dreams. Let us embrace the wild. Let us allow ourselves to feel free.



Hi! My name is Taylor and I am a Destination Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer. My business name, “TMinspired” integrates my first and middle name (Taylor Marie), and “Inspired” means that everything I am and do is inspired through my heart and my passion for people.

Documenting genuine moments is my jam. I shoot with my heart, because I love LOVE. I believe that every wedding and photography session is unique because of the people that are involved. I believe that storytelling can make an impact, and I’d love the opportunity to tell yours. I love what makes you YOU. The more I know you, the more I’m able to capture your essence, beauty, and genuine connection with one another. I deeply believe in vulnerability, and the more I know you, the more depth you’ll find in your final gallery.

All I ask is that you’re willing to trust me. I ask for you to be willing to live adventurously with me. To go climb a mountain or invite me to document you in your home. Let’s talk about what love means to you. Let’s discover what’s in your heart. Let me document this moment in your relationship. Let’s be raw, real, and genuine.  Let’s take a moment to pause together and breathe. As a lover of natural light, my heart jumps at the chance to chase after the radiant glow of sunsets. Let’s allow ourselves to feel deeply and allow ourselves to run wild and free. I believe that even the smallest moment can hold great adventure. Will you join me?

* Even though I’m based in Southern California, I’m willing to travel across the world to meet you and photograph you. Don’t let distance keep us a part!
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My fiancé Nathan & I have been together for 8 years.

We are High School sweethearts. We have learned so much from each other and of ourselves as we grew up together and started becoming adults. Life can throw you a lot of curveballs, but we’ve stayed strong through the help of Jesus, who has been at the center of our relationship. We’re both obsessed with coffee and have a deep passion for photography. He’s my regular second shooter and we make a pretty great team on wedding days.

In August of 2015, Nathan planned out a beautiful proposal in Portland and that moment was so perfect and breathtaking. Man, does this guy know my heart. Nathan constantly supports and encourages my dreams. He gently nudges me to step outside of my comfort zone. He stands strong for me when I’m shaking with fear, but is vulnerable and kind in his own weaknesses. If there is just one thing I could say, it would be this: God is so good and His timing is always perfect. We’ll be getting married in October of this year, at a gorgeous outdoor venue tucked in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

You can stay up-to-date as our love story continues through our Instagram accounts: TMinspired & NathanOchoa.