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If we haven’t met before, my name is Taylor Sheuerman.

The name of my business is, “TMinspired.” It integrates my first and middle name, Taylor Marie, and “Inspired” means that everything I am and do is inspired through my heart and my passion for people. I shoot with my heart, because I love LOVE. I love joy. I love smiles. I love laughter. I love to capture and document love. I love what makes you YOU. I want to get to know you and your story, and I want to tell your story through captured moments. I love allowing you to cherish precious and meaningful photographs through generations.
I am a Destination Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer.

I’m based in Southern California, but I don’t let distance hold me back from documenting important and precious moments. With a documentary shooting style, my primary focus is getting to know my clients so I can best tell their story through my art. I believe in vulnerability and being genuine. I believe that every wedding and photography session is unique because of the people that are involved. I believe that storytelling can make an impact. I want to document the authentic beauty that you behold, exactly the way I see it. As a lover of natural light, my heart jumps at the chance to chase after the radiant glow of sunsets, and I enjoy the challenge of utilizing harsh sunlight. I find joy in capturing candid moments for my clients to cherish for a lifetime. I believe that even the smallest moment can hold great adventure. I’d love to show you what that adventure can hold.

* Even though I’m based in Southern California, I’m willing to travel across the world to meet you and photograph you. Don’t let distance keep us a part!
Taylor TMinspired Photography Portland Oregon Photographer Destination Wedding Photographer
My fiancé Nathan & I have been together for 7 years.

We’ve been together since high school, and recently got engaged in August of 2015. We’re overjoyed in this new step and we can’t wait to finally be married in October of 2017! Our plan is to one day relocate to Seattle, WA and go on so many grand adventures together. Nathan constantly supports and encourages my dreams. He gently nudges me to step outside of my comfort zone. He stands strong for me when I’m shaking with fear, but is vulnerable and kind in his own weaknesses. He’s my regular second shooter and we make a pretty great team on wedding days. No relationship is perfect, but man, does this guy know my heart. If there is just one thing I could say, it would be this: God is so good and His timing is always perfect. You can stay up-to-date as our love story continues through our Instagram accounts: TMinspired & NathanOchoa.

Want to learn more about me? Here are 23 random facts:
1. I LOVE love.
2. I LOVE Jesus.
3. I’m obsessed with my Yorkie, Lily. (PROOF: #littlelilycujo on Instagram)
4. I’m short, (5’2) but I like it.
5. I’m a High School Bible study co-leader.
6. I have a smidge of OCD.
7. I grew up in Washington State.
8. I currently live in Orange County, CA.
9. I’m ENGAGED(!!!) to Nathan and we’ll be married in October of 2017.
10. I love to travel and explore.
11. I have food-craving-phases. (Currently: Pizza)
12. Starbucks and Chipotle do not qualify as a food-craving-phase. Those are long-term obsessions.
13. I have candy-craving-phases. (Currently: Sour Patch Watermelons)
14. Midnight snacks are my jam.
15. I am a super hard-worker.
16. I love a wide variety of movies.
17. Netflix = Love.
18. Journaling helps me process.
19. DIY crafts are a form of therapy for me.
20. I’m a night owl.
21. I love laughter and candid moments.
22. I love coffee dates.
23. I’d love to hear YOUR story!