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If we haven’t met before, my name is Taylor Sheuerman.

The name of my business is, “TMinspired.” It integrates my first and middle name, Taylor Marie, and “Inspired” means that everything I am and do is inspired through my heart and my passions for other people. I shoot with my heart, because I love LOVE. I love joy. I love smiles. I love laughter. I love to capture and document love. I love what makes you YOU. I want to get to know you and your story, and I want to tell your story through captured moments. I love allowing you to cherish precious and meaningful photographs through generations.

I am a Destination Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer.

I am passionate about each and every wedding, portrait, and lifestyle session I photograph. They’re all unique because YOU are unique. I want to document and show you the authentic beauty that you behold, the way I see it.
The best way to do this is for you to pretend like I’m not there. Keep your main focus OFF of the camera. I want to bring out what comes naturally to you and your loved ones. I want you to do an activity that you would normally do, or go to a place that is meaningful to you. You’ll notice how I’m always seeking after beautiful, natural light. You’ll be asked to follow me and you’ll receive some direction in posing. For some photos, I’ll ask you/everyone to smile at the camera, but I don’t like to direct your every move. I want you to do what feels comfortable. I want you to trust me when I ask you to do something uncomfortable. I remind my clients to be genuine. I ask them to trust me.
Though I photograph a variety of different sessions, couples and weddings are my jam. They’re my number one passion when it comes to photography. Leading up to and on your wedding day, I get really super excited with you and I feel the same butterflies that you feel. I laugh with you, I cry with you. I jump for joy with you and I go the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed. You don’t see it, but I will sometimes run from spot A to B if it means I can get a better shot. (I don’t even like cardio, but I’ll do it for you.) I will also sink into the quiet moments with you and create a space where you can enjoy the precious moments you’ve always dreamed of with the one you love. I would LOVE to celebrate your love along side of you!
* I am based in Southern California, but I am willing to travel across the world to meet you and photograph you. Don’t let distance keep us a part!

I am also a Virtual Assistant, specializing in Social Media.

I managed the accounts of my clients and I love building networks for small business owners. My main clientele includes real estate agents, authors, as well as life and business coaches. I focus on building the online presence of businesses in the most efficient ways possible. I am overjoyed when I see my clients business’ grow and expand further than my clients could have imagined.

My boyfriend Nathan & I have been dating for 6 years.

One day, we’ll be married, but we aren’t just yet. As hard as this waiting process is, we are happy to be simply dating and enjoying where our relationship is right now. Nathan reminds me of my strengths when I’m overwhelmed by my weaknesses. Our personalities compliment each other so well. God has used us both to help each other grow and I’m so excited to see what He has planned for our future. Stay tuned as our own love story continues.

Taylor TMinspired Photography Orange County Photographer Destination Wedding Photographer

Want to learn more about me? Here are 22 epic random facts:

1. I LOVE love.
2. I LOVE Jesus.
3. I’m obsessed with my Yorkie, Lily. (PROOF: #littlelilycujo on Instagram)
4. I’m short, (5’2) but I like it.
5. I’m a Jr. High Bible study leader.
6. I have a smidge of OCD.
7. I grew up in Washington State.
8. I currently live in Orange County, CA.
9. I love to travel and explore.
10. I have food-craving-phases.
11. Starbucks and Chipotle do not qualify as a food-craving-phase. Those are long-term obsessions.
12. I have candy-craving-phases.
13. Midnight snacks are my jam.
14. I am a super hard-worker.
15. I love a wide variety of movies.
16. Netflix = Love.
17. Journaling helps me process.
18. DIY crafts are a form of therapy for me.
19. I’m a night owl.
20. I love laughter and candid moments.
21. I love coffee dates.
22. I love hearing YOUR story.

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